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Win Friends, Influence People

Once a classic, always a classic. Originally published in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People was updated in 2011 to include winning and influencing  . . .  In the Digital Age. Even the book’s cover has a 21st … Continue reading

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Word Nerd

I’m a lover of words short, long and in clever combinations. I love words so much I will rearrange their letters to make other words. Does that make me an eco wordsmith? Perhaps. Now, I’m a digital wordsmith with the … Continue reading

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Bonjour. Ca va?

Amid a flurry of spring cleaning I uncovered the journal from my first trip to Europe, a six-week journey across the continent with a borrowed backpack and a Eurail pass.I’m struck with the desire I declared in the 1980s — … Continue reading

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Make a Dent in the Universe

Steve Jobs so inspired me, helping shape my perspective about life on many levels — beauty & technology and faith & courage. For years, I’ve carried one of his quotes: ”Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow … Continue reading

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As much as I love of technology, I’ll admit my fondness for paper. Especially things I can hand to someone when we meet face-to-face. Like a business card or an old school calling card. My current favorite is’s MiniCards, sweet & … Continue reading

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I Heart

Screenshots of my iPhone show the love I shared with the ilove app, hearting: Geniuses A parade Walter the pig Louis the pug Dear family & friends Moi So, it turns out, smart phones ARE useful for more than checking … Continue reading

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    “My Dad just got an iPhone and you would think he would be amazed by the touch screen, the e-mail capabilities and how clear the picture is, but no. He’s mesmerized by the talking cat app.” comment posted … Continue reading

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“Technology has given us the gift of attending the most interesting dinner party on a daily basis … embrace it, love it and appreciate it. Make sure you tip the staff. Don’t get too shit faced while you’re here. Save … Continue reading

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